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Written, directed and produced by Autumn Canaday,  “Chance” is a faith-based web series with many layers that examines God's providence, the path of salvation, life options based on socioeconomic status and hope.

​MYRA GLENSON is formerly homeless, recovering from a semi-amicable, yet devastating divorce, and she never fully recovered from the 2008 world banking crisis that wiped out her great accounting job at a huge downtown firm. Each day the opportunities for her to rebound in the city of Baltimore become sparse and near impossible.​​


Bart and Kat Simms are kind, remind her of her grandparents…and they cleaned her suits for free when she went on interview after interview for two years straight. They see her struggle and offer her a cashier position in their storefront dry cleaner business.​​


And then she showed up to work...


Kathy Sanders
Kathy Patterson
Lawrence Whitener
Richard Zane
Pierre Walters
Nena Abdul Wakeel
Dennis Marburger
Ashlei Ballard
Farhan Majid
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